Welcome to the online home of AFG Rentals! AFG Rentals offers Rent to Own solutions to many different companies offering storage sheds, gazebos, playhouses, play sets and much more!

Understanding Rent To Own

Rent To Own, or RTO, is a great option for you as a consumer because it gives you the items you need when you need, with the flexibility keep the items or return them at any time with no penalties! All of our competitive RTO plans are designed so that you acquire ownership with just 36 payments, at which time no more charges are due and you own the item. No more paying rental fees month after month after month and never acquiring ownership. And if at any time during your rental contract you should no longer need the item you are renting or it has become a financial burden to you, simply give us a call and arrange to return the item. There will be no extra charges and it will not harm your credit!

Smart Choices to Fit Your Budget

At AFG Rentals, we understand that managing your money is priority for you and protecting against sudden and unexpected events helps you plan. During the term of your rental contract, you are required to provide insurance on the building against damage. Be sure to check out our Damage Waiver Fee option to protect your purchase against damage that may happen during your rental.

Early Purchase Option

Most Rental or Lease contracts have a penalty for early Termination. At AFG Rentals, we do not penalize you; in fact, we offer a discount for you to pay your contract off early. At any time, you may choose to purchase the item you are renting for a discounted payment of the remaining contract due. Past Due rent would not be discounted. The discount amount will depend on the contract term and type. Check with an account representative to get the exact Early Pay Off amount.

We Are Here For You!

All of our accounts are managed by Alpine RTO Management. The office is open from 8-5 on Monday through Friday CST. You can contact us by phone at 800-861-9395. You may also email us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you for choosing AFG Rentals as your Rent to Own option!

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